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Sailors’ Widows Sue Manufacturer of Navy Chopper


In this piece for The Virginian-Pilot, IRP Fellow Mike Hixenbaugh continues his investigation of the Sea Dragon helicopter, which has one of the highest rates of deadly crashes in the armed services. He reports on a lawsuit alleging the maker, Sikorsky, and other defendants designed and manufactured an unsafe chopper.


Are Secret Planned Parenthood Videos Protected Under 1st Amendment?


In this article for the Los Angeles Times, investigative reporting students at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism report on whether footage collected by an anti-abortion activist represent undercover journalism protected by the First Amendment. The story is the first in a series on the ongoing national debate on abortion and is a collaboration between the IRP and the Times.


IRP Releases Documents from Macau Investigation


As part of its continuing coverage of Macau, the IRP is releasing documents pertaining to Las Vegas Sands and its business practices in the former Portuguese colony. The documents, which include internal e-mails and reports and are part of ongoing litigation, reveal the details of relationships with an organized crime figure and a Macau businessman who was recently arrested as part of a federal bribery probe. These documents and others obtained at a Las Vegas Courthouse have since been sealed.


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