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Why Russian Oligarchs Will Be First to Leave Their Offshore Paradise (Op-ed)


The release of the Paradise Papers may help Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to return capital from offshore tax havens, paradoxically thanks to U.S. efforts to sanction his inner circle. IRP fellow Elizaveta Osetinskaya explains how the leak may lead to Russian oligarchs being expelled from the offshore tax paradises.


Investigative journalist discusses career covering Philippine government and presidents


IRP Director John Temple’s interview with Filipina investigative journalist Raissa Robles was covered by Jon Cana on ABS-CBN News’s Balitang America, a daily news program. The event, which took place October 10 at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, looked at Robles’ career as an investigative journalist and the current situation in the Philippines.


Russia’s Central Bank takes control of Otkritie


Central Bank chief, Elvira Nabiullina, has spent the past three years working to reform Russia’s banking system. Last month, the Central Bank took over 75 percent of the country’s largest private lender, Otkritie. IRP Fellow Elizaveta Osetinskaya explores the story for The Moscow Times.


Truck drivers forced into debt by trucking companies


Trucking companies have shorted drivers out of fair pay, forcing them into debt and threatening them into working longer hours, according to a USA TODAY Network investigation by UC Berkeley journalism alumni Brett Murphy, who began his reporting on the story as a student at the IRP.


Coming home to a Trump town


IRP’s Abbie VanSickle returns to her hometown of Delphi, Indiana to understand Trump’s appeal in this piece for the Huffington Post.


A deadly question


In this story for The Atlantic, the IRP’s Abbie VanSickle reports on juries asked to decide the future danger of a person to sentence them to death.


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