Judge vacates conviction in 13-year-old Lodi terror case

In a stunning move, the federal judge in Sacramento who oversaw the trial and conviction of accused Lodi terror suspect Hamid Hayat 13 years ago has ordered the conviction and sentence vacated. The IRP began reporting on Hayat in 2006 for PBS Frontline. Former IRP reporter Abbie VanSickle continued coverage in her 2016 series with the IRP for The Intercept.


A U.S. Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter flies over U.S. and U.K. Navy ships during a U.S. and U.K. Mine Countermeasures Exercise (MCMEX) taking place at the Arabian Sea

The Navy didn’t take my reporting seriously

The IRP’s Zachary Stauffer, producer of Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn?, writes for The Atlantic about how the U.S. Navy consistently refused to participate in or cooperate with his reporting and research. To learn more about why, he and reporter Jason Paladino obtained emails using a Freedom of Information Act request that reveal how naval officers are discounting critical reporting. The messages show that the Navy’s public affairs staff are more concerned with damage control than confronting the issues revealed.



The Chief: The Remarkable—Sometimes Shocking—Career of Fresno’s Top Cop

Fresno Chief of Police Jerry Dyer is one of the longest-serving leaders of a big-city police department in modern California history. But his tenure has been marred by scandal and corruption among the officers who serve under him. In a story for KQED he researched and wrote at the IRP, reporter Andrew Beale investigates both Dyer and his department.


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