The following students are working as IRP research assistants this academic year. Back row left to right: Michelle Pitcher, Tracey Quezada, Sarah Trent, Alyson Stamos, Erin Chessin. Middle row left to right: Chloe Reynolds, Ashlea Brown, Robin Estrin, Laurine Lassalle, Casey Smith, Katey Rusch, Brett Simpson, Jesse Bedayn, Laurence Du Sault, Anne Daugherty, Hannah Ricker. Front row left to right: Newsha Naderzad, Maria Sestito, Aksaule Alzhan, Brian Wollitz, Mara Kardas-Nelson, Ravleen Kaur. (Not pictured: Annie Berman, Katie Bernstein, Haley Gray, Daniel Lempres, Ellie Lightfoot, Isabel Lyndon, Julie Kane, Ashley Njoroge, Ricky Rodas, Yinuo Shi, Nina Sparling and Michael Vatcheva,)