2011–2012 Fellows Joe Mullin, Annie Murphy, and Chanan Tigay

Annie Murphy is a regular contributor to NPR, and her writing has been published in The Atlantic, The Nation and The Virginia Quarterly Review. While at the IRP, Murphy has been reporting on the escalating conflict in Honduras—currently considered the most violent nation in the world—and how a 2009 coup contributed to the country’s breakdown. Her Honduras investigation has been a broadcast series for NPR’s Weekend Edition and will soon be published in Pop-Up magazine and the Spanish-language podcast “Radio Ambulante.”

Chanan Tigay has contributed to publications including Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 9/11, the United Nations and the U.S. Jewish community. As an IRP fellow, Tigay is reporting on U.S.-Israel relations in light of Iran’s nuclear program and a Syrian arms trafficker.

Joe Mullin previously worked as a reporter for paidContent, where he covered the intersection of media, technology and the law. Before that, he worked for American Lawyer, The Seattle Times and The Associated Press. Mullin is reporting on patent litigation and abuses of the patent system. Thus far, his work has included coverage of a major patent trial over web technology for Wired.com, as well as working with journalism students to create a website (patentexaminer.org) that tracks patent cases that have been underreported in the mainstream press. He is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley’s graduate school of journalism.