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Brandon Ambrosino is an award-winning journalist and essayist. His writing has appeared in Politico, The New York Times, BBC, Boston Globe, TheEconomist, Smithsonian, Playboy, Yahoo, Globe and Mail, Baltimore Magazine, and many other outlets. He tends to focus on stories in which religion plays a significant role. In 2017, he won a Science for Religion Reporters award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science for his feature writing at BBC Future. In the same year, he broke the news that Jerry Falwell, the president of Liberty University, helped his son finance a Miami-based hostel. Since breaking that story, Ambrosino has continued to report on the Falwell family, paying particular attention to Jerry Falwell’s real estate transactions. Ambrosino lives in Delaware with his husband Andy, and is currently pursuing a PhD in theology and ethics from Villanova University. 


‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence (Politico)