Jane Doe Films

Amy Herdy is a producer with Jane Doe Films (formerly Chain Camera Pictures). Her most recent film, “On The Record,” an exploration of one woman’s decision to go forward with her Me Too story against a powerful man, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 25 to rave reviews and will air on HBO Max this year. Her film before that, “The Bleeding Edge,” an expose into the FDA and the medical device industry, won the prestigious George Polk award for medical reporting and a duPont award this past December.

In 2015, her film “The Hunting Ground,” about campus sexual assaults, aired on CNN, ignited the national discussion on campus sexual assault and led to changes in school policies throughout our country

In 2012, her film, “The Invisible War,” aired on PBS, broke open the story of the epidemic of rape in our military, and led to the passing of 35 pieces of legislation and significant changes in military policy.

Her films have shown on NETFLIX, HBO, CNN, PBS, BBC, ARTE and platforms around the world.