Raney Aronson-Rath is the executive producer of FRONTLINE, PBS’ flagship investigative journalism series, and is a leading voice on the future of journalism. She been internationally recognized for her work to expand FRONTLINE’s reporting capacity and reimagine the documentary form across multiple platforms. From the battle for control of Mosul to the hidden history of the NFL and concussions, and the rise of white supremacy groups in America, Aronson-Rath oversees FRONTLINE’s acclaimed reporting on air and online and directs the series’ evolution and editorial vision. A leading voice on narrative journalism, documentary filmmaking, and visual storytelling, Aronson-Rath pioneered a collaborative model for investigative journalism that The New York Times described as “increasingly important … as a way to reach new viewers and produce more in-depth reports.” She has developed and managed nearly 30 in-depth, cross-platform journalism partnerships with outlets including ProPublica, The New York Times and Univision — and has significantly grown both FRONTLINE’s broadcast and digital audiences in the process. Under her leadership, FRONTLINE has won every major award in broadcast journalism and dramatically expanded its digital footprint.  Aronson-Rath joined FRONTLINE in 2007 as a senior producer. She was named deputy executive producer by David Fanning, the series’ founder, in 2012, and then became executive producer in 2015. Before managing FRONTLINE, Aronson-Rath produced several notable FRONTLINE documentaries including News War, The Last Abortion Clinic, The Jesus Factor, Law & Disorder, and Post Mortem. Prior to FRONTLINE, Aronson-Rath worked at ABC News and The Wall Street Journal.