In 2007, in response to cutbacks at major news organizations, the Investigative Reporting Program established the first postgraduate fellowships in investigative reporting in the nation. This yearlong program is without peer at any academic institution. It’s designed to enable journalists with a proven ability to tell complex stories in the public interest to pursue a story for one year by providing them with a salary, benefits, editorial guidance, and a $10,000 travel stipend. The fellowships are open to all working investigative journalists, but preference is given to graduates of UC Berkeley’s master’s program in journalism.

As Lowell Bergman explains it, “Forty years ago, when I got into the business of reporting, I dreamed that I would find a place, a paper, a school that would let me pursue a story without fear or favor wherever it led. Today, I have the privilege to be able to raise and disburse funds to do that for a new generation dedicated to reporting in the public interest.”

The 2018-19 fellowships were awarded to journalist Susannah Breslin, filmmaker Débora Souza Silva and investigative reporter Elizaveta Osetinskaya.

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