Felix-Sater Class

Felix Sater, a former business partner of President Donald Trump who – along with Michael Cohen – tried to build a Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, spoke at Lowell Bergman’s investigative reporting seminar in September. He is scheduled to testify for the first time in open session before the House Intelligence Committee on March 27. You can watch the video of Sater’s appearance at the IRP and learn more on the Investigative Studios website.

Sater has been described in Congress as “a convicted Russian mobster” and in the media as the link between Trump, Russia and organized crime. In a wide-ranging interview at the IRP, he answered questions from students and IRP faculty and staff about the bar fight that earned him his “mobster” reputation, his international exploits for the U.S. government, his relationship with Trump and about media coverage of his story.

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