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Graduate Student Researchers

  • D19_054_Casey_Smith nfsCasey_Smith, SOC, IRW, staff

    Casey Smith

    Casey Smith is a second-year master’s student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. Her reporting focuses on science and the environment, health care and law enforcement. Before coming to the IRP, Smith was a reporting intern at the Investigative Reporting Workshop and The Washington Post. In 2019, she began a Pulliam Fellowship at The Indianapolis Star. Her reporting there will continue while she’s at the IRP. Smith’s work has been published by USA Today, National Geographic, The Washington Post and others.

Research Assistants

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    The following students are working as IRP research assistants this academic year. Back row left to right: Michelle Pitcher, Tracey Quezada, Sarah Trent, Alyson Stamos, Erin Chessin. Middle row left to right: Chloe Reynolds, Ashlea Brown, Robin Estrin, Laurine Lassalle, Casey Smith, Katey Rusch, Brett Simpson, Jesse Bedayn, Laurence Du Sault, Anne Daugherty, Hannah Ricker. Front row left to right: Newsha Naderzad, Maria Sestito, Aksaule Alzhan, Brian Wollitz, Mara Kardas-Nelson, Ravleen Kaur. (Not pictured: Annie Berman, Katie Bernstein, Haley Gray, Daniel Lempres, Ellie Lightfoot, Isabel Lyndon, Julie Kane, Ashley Njoroge, Ricky Rodas, Yinuo Shi, Nina Sparling and Michael Vatcheva,)


Mark Felt Scholars

  • 2015-16 Recipients


    The recipients of the 2015-16 Mark Felt Scholarships are (left to right): Parker Yesko, Jimmy Tobias, Nadine Sebai, Brett Murphy and Alyssa Perry.

    Brett Murphy is investigating the effects of international shipping cartels on American logistics and exploited labor along the supply chain.

    Alyssa Perry is examining a loophole in U.S. immigration policy that has left many adult foreign-born adoptees without U.S. citizenship, making them susceptible to deportation.

    Nadine Sebai is investigating a corporation’s alleged campaign against non-profit groups in California.

    Jimmy Tobias is investigating the underground trade in African “bushmeat” — wild-caught game that is smuggled into the United States and sold at markets across the country.

    Parker Yesko is examining the tensions between San Francisco’s homeless population and Super Bowl 50 organizers as the big event descends on the Bay Area.

    The scholarship are designed for students who intend to specialize in the area of investigative reporting in their second year at the Graduate School of Journalism. The awards are made possible by a generous gift by Bob Bishop, who was inspired by the reporting of Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and the willingness of a confidential source, the late Mark Felt, to guide them.

  • 2014-15 Recipients


    The recipients of the 2014-2015 Mark Felt Scholarships are (left to right) Jason Paladino, Andy Mannix, Heather Mack, Alexander Mullaney and Jake Nicol.

    Jason Paladino is investigating a mine-sweeping helicopter used by the Navy that has one of the highest rates of deadly crashes in the armed services.

    Andy Mannix is investigating the inordinately high frequency of staff-on-inmate sexual misconduct incidents in several correctional facilities across the country, and the high cost of this abuse of power.

    Heather Mack is examining the food and drug industry practices surrounding the development and use of probiotics – an uncategorized, unregulated food and drug additive that is inefficient at best and potentially harmful at worst.

    Alexander Mullaney is investigating the hidden history of San Francisco.

    Jake Nicol is looking into the proposed interoceanic canal in Nicaragua, potentially the largest civil engineering project in the world, and the obscure Chinese billionaire behind the plan.

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