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Reporting project guided by the IRP wins national awards


Former J-school student, Brett Murphy, wins the The Headliners Award, Sidney Award and Gannett’s Public Service Award for his USA TODAY series “Rigged,” which exposed the ongoing exploitation of  California port truck drivers. Murphy first began working on the series while researching the longshoremen strike in late 2015 for his masters thesis. Murphy names the advisors who helped shaped the idea into a story as Lowell Bergman, IRP Founder, and Koci Hernandez. Along with them, former IRP staffers Tim McGirk and Abbie VanSickle provided hands-on editing to help craft early drafts that later became the pitch to USA TODAY.

“The folks at North Gate and the IRP were instrumental in helping develop the idea. Without their early instruction, mentoring and editing, I wouldn’t have found and told this story” – Brett Murphy


The Bell Launches English-language Newsletter


IRP Fellow Elzaveta Osetinskaya’s online news outlet, The Bell,  has launched a weekly English-language newsletter. The Bell is dedicated to providing independent reporting about Russia. The newsletter provides English speakers with a weekly digest of the major stories they need to understand Russian issues.


Update to IRP’s Rape on the Night Shift to Air on Frontline


On January 16, PBS will air an updated version of the Investigative Reporting Program’s documentary, Rape on the Night Shift. The film, which was developed as part of a groundbreaking 2015 investigation partnership between the IRP, Frontline, Univision, Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, and KQED radio, reveals sexual harassment and abuse again women in the janitorial industry.


Daffodil Altan and Andrés Cediel win International Documentary Association grant


IRP filmmakers Daffodil Altan and Andrés Cediel have been awarded a grant from the International Documentary Association (IDA) to support the development of their film Slaves Among Us. The IDA selected 11 feature-length documentary films to receive a total of $850,000 as the inaugural grantees of its Enterprise Documentary Fund.

Slaves Among Us exposes the conditions under which men, women, and children are kept in servitude by criminal bosses and the companies that turn a blind eye to–and benefit from–their plight. It is planned for release in 2018. To learn more about the IDA’s grant, please read their press release.


Apply now for the IRP’s 2018-19 fellowship program


The Investigative Reporting Program is now accepting applications for yearlong fellowships in investigative reporting for 2018-19. Interested individuals should apply by visiting

This program enables journalists with a proven ability to tell complex stories in the public interest to pursue a story for one year by providing them with a salary, benefits, editorial guidance, and a $10,000 travel stipend. The fellowships are open to all working investigative journalists.


John Temple takes reins as new IRP director


John Temple, a Pulitzer Prize-winning editor and journalism innovator, has become the new director of the Investigative Reporting Program.

Temple joined the IRP in 2016 as managing editor and during the past year worked with its founder, Lowell Bergman, to position the organization to thrive in coming years.


IRP launches production company


UC Berkeley chancellor designate announces agreement with new nonprofit, Investigative Reporting Productions, Inc., saying it will extend university’s public mission. IRP director reveals that production company has first look deal with Amazon Prime Video.


2017-18 IRP Fellowship

IRP Fellows

Thank you to everyone who applied for the IRP’s 2017-18 fellowship. The deadline to apply has passed. The new fellows will be announced in the next few months. Check back here for details.

Bill inspired by IRP documentary becomes law


California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that increases workplace protections against sexual assault and harassment. The bill was introduced in response to “Rape on the Night Shift,” a collaborative documentary by the IRP, PBS Frontline, Univision, Reveal at The Center for Investigative Reporting and KQED, which investigated the sexual abuse of female janitors who often work alone late at night. (Photo credit: Silvia Flores/Fresno Bee)


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